Thermage treatments are all about energy – focusing radiofrequency energy to kick start the body’s own natural renewal process. Like most smart technologies, the process is relatively simple – it’s a combination of heat energy to treat deep tissue, and cooling effects, to protect the skin surface and deliver better patient comfort. And our latest evolution of Thermage includes patented Comfort Pulse Technology – gentle vibrations and interspersed cooling that make your Thermage treatment even more comfortable. Even so, it’s important to remember every patient’s circumstances are different, so for specifics, it’s best to consult your Thermage physician.

Thermage at Work


Treatment begins with a cooling effect on the skin for comfort and safety of surface layers.


A specially designed treatment tip is placed against the skin in targeted areas.


Radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin’s tissue, heating the treatment areas and remodeling the collagen.


Final delivery of cryogen to cool the epidermis.

Thermage Compared To:

Odds are that you already incorporate a range of products and treatments into your skin care regimen. See how Thermage compares to – and can complement – other options, and where it fits in your beauty regimen.

High cost, extended downtime, significant transformation, lasting results